Church Organization and Leadership Teams

Lillington Presbyterian Church is a part of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The Presbyterian Church gets its name from Presbuterous, a Greek word used in the New Testament for the Elders or governing body of a church. Each congregation elects men and women to be the spiritual leaders (Ruing Elders) of that particular congregation.  Once an Elder you remain an Elder for life, but by vote of the congregation each Ruling Elder serves a 3 year term on the Session. The Session is the governing body of the congregation. The pastor (referred to as a Teaching Elder) serves as the moderator of the Session.  If this sounds like our national system of representative government it is because Presbyterians were very active in the Revolutionary war and wanted a system of government for our nation patterned after their church government.

Our Session and the teams led by the Members of the Session are listed below.

The Session


Clerk: Steve Plummer                       Assistant Clerk: Suzanne Prince


 Class of 2017              Class  of 2018                  Class of 2019

    Al Bain                                   Mel Cox                                         Judy Breeden

    Beth Gilchrist                     Rupert Langdon                        Derrick Graham

    Suzanne Prince                  Jennifer Phillips                       Dianne Johnson

    Marc Tunstall                     Steve Plummer                          Michael Knodel

    John Wilbourne                Jay Smith                                     Michelle Pearson



President: Al Bain



The Ministry Accountability Teams

The members of the Session lead Ministry accountability teams. It is their job to inspire and lead the rest of the congregation into active service.  The Presbyterian form of government is designed to empower the community of faith to active service in the world.

Christian Education













Summerville Cemetery Trustee



Jennifer Phillips Suzanne Prince Marc Tunstall Rupert Langdon Al Bain Mel Cox Steve Plummer    
Lynn Young-Nash Michael Knodel Paul Hart Dianne Johnson Michelle Pearson Beth Gilchrist Michelle Pearson    
Haley Nash Elizabeth Murchison Derrick Graham Jay Smith John Wilbourne John Wilbourne    
Emily Quinn Carma Lou Baggett Ed Bain      
Melissa Smith John Mewborn   Marie Salmon                        
Judy Breeden Rodney Tart Townsend Quinn  

Nominating Team

Melanie Graham          Judy Breeden  
Laura Beth Oliver              
Melanie Graham